October 08, 2017Arlington Jones

Hello Jorge,

Thanks for a wonderful concert last night. We appreciate your band and your talent. We wish you continued success in all your music endeavors and look forward to the next time.


Arlington Jones
Artistic Director - Sammons Jazz
Sammons Center for the Arts

September 30, 2016Kim Jinyu

Jorge has been the best latin percussion teacher that I have had in my life. He is very knowledgeable and explains very clearly. I highly recommend him to those who want to study latin percussion.

June 01, 2016John DiNovo

Jorge, thank you for being my teacher. I get so much out of our lessons. You have a knack for inspiring me to be just a little bit better each time I see you.

May 13, 2015Najee

Jorge, thank you for blessing the CD with your talent. I am grateful that you were available to perform and bring the energy that was very much needed. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

All the best,


January 27, 2015Preston Pulliams

Jorge, I cannot express how much I enjoyed your students performance. It is a real testament to your commitment and endeavors.

Dr. Preston Pulliams
Interim President
Mountain View College
4849 W. Illinois Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75211

September 10, 2014Michael Beechey

Hi Jorge, trying to track down the Obba mute(?) "The Obba's reduce the sound of the tumbadora in about 90%. I do live in an apartment and use the Obba's with no neighbors complain at all." Anything else new in travel/practice congas? Thanks,

August 22, 2014\"Segun\"

Stopping by to say Hi. From an old student of yours. I miss the Mountain View College days, they were great!!!

Doug \"Segun\" Mitchell

May 18, 2014Mitch Frohman

Dear Jorge, I noticed that you are playing some of my music in your latin-jazz ensemble at school. Thank you for your support. I feel honored to be included in the music you teach your students. I have a new small group latin jazz CD(\"From Daddy With Love\"---the Mitch Frohman Latin Jazz Quartet) that was recently released (featuring the Curtis Brothers). You can check it out on my new website mitchfrohman.com. I would be happy to send you a copy. Good luck with your program and all the best.

Mitch Frohman

May 15, 2014Jose A. Velazquez

Mr. Ginorio, thanks for a great semester, I really enjoyed playing Latin jazz and I learned a lot. I look forward to taking the class again and learn more!

Thank You,

Jose A. Velazquez

May 07, 2014Ariel Feliciano

Hello, do you know where I can go to drum events in Puerto Rico happening in August? If so, please give me contact or location information. Thank you!!!

March 22, 2014Alexander Stabel

Hi Jorge, I just found your bata video on Youtube and was wondering, if it would be possible to have some kind of paid online lessons / videos? Best wishes, Alex

February 22, 2014Gabe

ke pasa Jorge! Well my name is Gabe, just moved from NY to Dallas two months ago. I'm trying to get info for latin percussion instruction, workshops, prices, location etc. please send info. Thank you God bless.

December 07, 2013Daniel Granados

Profesor Jorge, quisiera obtener informacion acerca de sus clases y el costo. Estoy interesdo en percusion, especificamente timbales. Gracias, espero su respuesta.

August 25, 2013Marlon Lewis

Hey Jorge, how are you? I'm a jazz percussionist. I'm looking for the OM spring coil, do you know where I can buy or find one? Thanks have a good day.


July 21, 2013Bombero Drums

Tu pagina esta espectacular!!! Un abrazo Bro.

June 29, 2013Luis Lopez

Mira, tu pagina esta muy buena. Sigue pa' lante!!!

April 04, 2013Arlington Jones

Hello Jorge, thanks to you and your group for a wonderful concert and evening. It was our pleasure having you on our series!

Arlington Jones
Artistic Director - Sammons Jazz
Sammons Center for the Arts

March 12, 2013Vanessa Ayala

Gracias maestro! I got the interviewing position and I am very excited. I'll keep you updated on how that goes. I showed my teacher the video and he said he wants me to send him a copy and in the future wants to work with bringing you to DBU to talk to students.

February 06, 2013Josue Carrillo

Maestro, I really do appreciate all that you have done for me. I'm blessed to had been able to learn from such an exemplary teacher.

February 01, 2013Keith Smelser

Jorge, this is Keith Smelser. I took your Latin Jazz class back in 2009 on bass. That was an amazing experience for me. I work with Dr. Sam Germany now at CVC, and he is putting together a musical. We definitely need a latin percussionist. If you are interested please let me know. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

January 30, 2013Ricardo Ortiz

Oye Profe, su website esta bien chévere!!!

January 30, 2013Ricardo Ortiz

Thank you for being a great instructor, I enjoyed it.

January 14, 2013Gabriel Quiles

Hey Jorge, what's up man? Hope all is well. I'm interested in some Bomba y Plena instruments. Brother can you help me? Gracias, Gabi

December 30, 2012Doug Mitchell

Merry Christmas Bro, this is your long lost friend, "Segun". I hope all is well with you and your family. I'm living now in Mobile, Alabama. What you been up to, how is the music? Well man, take care. Your student, Doug "Segun" Mitchell

December 21, 2012Ricardo Garcia

Caught your number years ago at Drummers for Jesus in Rockwall, Texas. Just a shout out to you. I'm the percussionist for Vineyard Church in Columbus. Hope to hear from you soon. Bendiciones, Ricardo

September 29, 2012Alejandro Galindo

Hello Jorge, I am interested in getting started with percussion lessons. I specifically like the congas and timbales. Your feedback on where to start (private lessons or College courses) is appreciated. Thank you!!!

August 21, 2012Michael Lozana

Hey Jorge, I was reading a forum where you recommended to use the Obba wood congas for practicing in an apartment, where can I get those? Also, do you have any other suggestions for practicing in an apartment at night?

July 26, 2012Alvaro Arroliga

Sr. Ginorio, soy un actual estudiante de ESOL en Mountain View College. Estoy interesado en estudiar musica en el campo de percusion. Yo se que imparte percusion en esa institucion. Quisiera si usted podria aconsejarme en algunos aspectos en los que tengo dudas. Me gustaria que me contactara, obviamente, si usted lo desea. Atentamente, Alvaro Arroliga

July 15, 2012Dora Emma Ginorio

Quisiera tener un disco sobre su musica. Soy cubana y estoy trabajando ahora en Angola. Me ha sido un placer escribirle.

April 23, 2012David Martinez

Jorge, I am looking for barrel drums to play Bomba. I live in Minnesota and cannot find anyone who sells these drums. Any idea on where I can pick up a couple?

April 22, 2012Kay

Hi, I am interested in learning hand drumming. Would like to know if you do offer any lessons closer to Fort Worth area? If yes, would like to know more about it. Thanks.

January 15, 2012Miguel Encarnacion

Jorge: Estamos en via de hacer un grupo de Bomba y Plena. Me gustaria nos brindaras tu ayuda para obtener 2 barriles de Bomba con algun conocido tuyo ya sea en PR. Estamos en el area de Fort Worth, Texas. Gracias por la ayuda que me puedas dar.

October 17, 2011Rich Smith

It's Rich (on keyboards). Thanks for helping us out at church today! Please put me on your mailing list of events & clinics coming through town.

September 29, 2011Ruben Alvarez-Chicago/La Habana

Querido Jorge, I am looking for an original recording of Canto A Obatala. I saw the Youtube presentation by your MVC ensemble, great job!!! Un Abrazo,


April 06, 2011Jose Garcia

Hola Jorge, I enjoyed seeing your site. I was fortunate to be the person that made the 3 red congas for Mongo Santamaria. Attached are the last two I made that I kept for myself.

March 15, 2011Jim Callaway

Jorge, great job!!! The DJPS could not have asked for a better Latin jazz quartet for last night concert/lecture. We are looking forward to host you guys again next year.

January 22, 2011Freddy Canizales

Mi pana Jorge, te recordamos por aqui en España-Francia con mi esposa Sylvie. Great simple and professional website. Un abrazo!!!


December 09, 2010Paul Padgett

Jorge, the article on the Bongo Cowbell was awesome! Not only does it include definitions, but also clear notation of the patterns. More stuff would be greatly appreciated; waiting for Part 2. Keep spreading the groove!!!

September 01, 2010Stephen Flinn

Hi Jorge, do you know of any play a long CD for the Oro Seco in the Havana style? Thanks so much!!!

August 21, 2010Luis "Tabaco" Diaz

Cómo estas mi hermano? Aquí viendo un concierto de Los Van Van y gozando. Cuidate y saludos!!!

July 29, 2010Camilo Torres

Verdaderamente es de grata y gran alegría saber que te encuentas en ese campo tan bello que es la musica. Mi hijo mayor Camilo3 es un buen artista gráfico, y sé lo que sígnifica ser parte de ese extraordinario mundo. Espero que te acuerdes de mí, fue atraves de Geral Gonzalez que me habló de tí. Nada, te deseo lo mejor y espero tener más noticias.

May 11, 2010Susan Rhodes

I am looking for a conguero to do some studio work on a song I have written and recorded. I assume that the music playing on here is you playing the congas. In which case, you would be a good choice for this. It requires a good solo too. Please contact me if interested. All the other tracks are in place and the vocals will be recorded soon. So you would be the last part to go in. I look forward to hearing from you.

March 21, 2010Geral Gonzalez

Saludos de parte de Tony, Iris, Jerry y de este vecino de siempre que te admira y se goza de tus exitos. Espero que tu familia este bien y que tu hijo ya haya empezado a dar palos en el beisbol tejano. Veo a tu madre a diario y esta muy bien. Como ya te dije la pagina esta super brutal y es reflejo de tu trabajo. Sigue pa'lante y espero verte en verano.

March 20, 2010Tony Pena

Hola como estas? Espero que todo este bien contigo y tu familia. El baby ya debe estar grande. Por aqui trabajando con Julio Brito y viendo a ver que mas. Bueno, me despido y saludos de nuevo. Espero verte pronto. Bendiciones!!!

March 03, 2010Toni Lewis

Looking for a percussionist.

November 24, 2009Ian McCarty

Hey Jorge, I hope this note finds you and your family well. Are you still giving lessons? If so, I would like to take them again.

Best Regards,

Ian McCarty

November 09, 2009Frank Leto

I love the new website, it looks and sounds great! Congratulations.


October 31, 2009Franchesca Guzman

Hola Jorge,

Mi nombre es Franchesca Guzman. Te queria escribir y dejarte mi email. Yo vi en tu "Guest Book" que ya estas en contacto con Mia Irizarry. Ella me esta ayudando en mi proyecto. Por favor llamame o mandame un email para hablar contigo mas sobre mi proyecto. Gracias por tu atencion!


October 20, 2009Mia A Irizarry

Hola Jorge,

Que gusto me dio conocerle el pasado Domingo. Ya mis esperanzas estaban casi perdidas! Tengo varias ideas referente al proyecto. Me gustaria reunirme en algun momento esta semana o la proxima, si es posible. Se que la agenda esta bien cargada pero me deja saber cual sería un buen día y hora.

Muchas gracias, & lo veo pronto!!!


September 11, 2009Quique Diaz

Jorge, si vienes por Virginia a tocar me avisas que voy de cabeza. Te felicito por tus triunfos y logros.

Un abrazo,

Quique- Clase Graduanda Dr. José N. Gándara de Aibonito 1987

September 11, 2009Noel Colon Almonte

Jorge, saludos desde Aibonito!!! Keep it up with the latin roots!!!

September 07, 2009Johanna Diaz

Hola Jorge! Me alegra mucho que de nuestro pequeño pueblo haya salido tanto talento y eso me llena de orgullo. Solo unas cortas palabras para decirte, éxito!!!


September 07, 2009Vilma Santos

Hola Jorge, que bueno saber de ti!!!

September 03, 2009Sammy Gonzalez

Oye Jorge, un saludo desde Ponce. Soy compañero maestro del percusionista Roberto Ginorio Bonilla, lo conoces? Soy un melómano salsero y Robert y yo siempre que tenemos la oportunidad hablamos y comentamos de percusión y musicos. Es tremendo amigo y maestro de musica. Estoy tratando de comprar unas congas para practicar en casa y queria saber cuales me recomiendas. Bueno, un saludo por allá en Texas y un placer.

August 27, 2009Tania Cordobes

Hola Jorge! Me recuerdas? Hope you are having a great day. I'm looking around for an additional sideman for my performing band and I was hoping to talk with you to see if you might be interested or help point me in the right direction.

Saludos y Bendiciones,


July 24, 2009James Powers III

Interested in taking lessons to improve techniques.

May 29, 2009Mike Davis

Yo! How've you been. I just made websites here on Dynamod and saw yours among the sample sites. It's nice looking and sounding, and it's great to see you. I hope all's well, and please call if you're ever in NYC....



May 28, 2009Felix Hernandez

Tremendo site muy bien hecho. Pa' lante siempre.


May 18, 2009Tony Pena

Saludos, espero verte pronto. Esta muy bueno tu website. Dios te bendiga por lo que haces.


April 18, 2009Dr. Leslie Gomez

I teach Music Appreciation, American Popular Music and Ethnomusicology in the Dallas area (colleges/universities). What would it take for you to come and do a workshop at Navarro College Midlothian, TX? Cost, what you need, etc. I also do music ministry at a church in the Cockrell Hill area. What would it take for you to do a workshop for our praise band? I want to incorporate more Latin Percussion into our team.

March 31, 2009Daniel Gallard

Dios le bendiga, no sabe usted lo agradecido que estoy que usted este en MVC. Estoy estudiando en Christ For The Nations aqui en Dallas y hace tiempo estoy buscando donde irme a estudiar música, pero sin salir de Dallas, porque no tengo recursos para pagar una Universidad y a parte de todo queria profesores latinos para las percusiones. Soy percusionista dominicano y usted ha sido una respuesta a mis tantas oraciones, a parte de que sirve a Dios, es doble bendición. Actualmente ya me voy a graduar en Mayo del Instituto Biblico y estoy haciendo mis preparaciones para irme a MVC.

Dios le bendiga.

March 21, 2009Edgardo Rivera

Saludos Ginorio! Oye la pagina esta bien brava! Te felicito! Nada, fue que el otro dia estaba hablando con Julio Labrador y me dio tu número que lo habia perdido y me dijo que tambien te podia conseguir por aqui. Nada, si puedes me llamas y hablamos con calma y con mas detalles para no dejarte un testamento aqui.

Un abrazo,

Edgardo Rivera

February 19, 2009Debra Cave

Jorge, thanks for working on my recent recording project. You did a great job!!!

Debra Cave

February 07, 2009Leo Alvarez

Brother... paseando por Congaplace encontré tu site y decidí visitarte y saludarte aunque no nos conocemos. Desde Washington DC, tu hermano en Cristo y en la percusión, Leo Alvarez.

Nice background music!!!

January 30, 2009Len Barnett

Great site man... you are an inspiration to me. Much respect to you and your art form. Hope we can hit sometime.

Len Barnett

January 26, 2009Kenneth Diazio

Hi Jorge, I enjoy your music and your percussion playing sounds great. The reason I'm writing is because I saw a vid of Trio Montuno with you playing the cascara with your right hand and the conga with your left. My question is what type of exercise do I need to do to seperate my mind set? When I try to do that both hands want to do the same rhythm. Any help or advice would much be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kenneth Diazio

January 24, 2009Ricky Colon

Jorge, que alegria saber que hay gente de mi pueblo Aibonito triunfando por el mundo. No creo que te acuerdes de mi pero yo si me acuerdo de ti yo soy el primo de Junito "Piu Piu"; que se graduo contigo de 4to año. De todos modos felicidades y espero que sigas triunfando.

January 03, 2009Jon Lumsden

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your wonderful percussion work on my CD! I want to send you a copy. Could you email me your mailing address?


December 12, 2008Joche Cortes

Te felicito amigo, vamos a traerte para Indianapolis!!!!

December 11, 2008Maria L Aviles

Vi tu video en Youtube and I spread the word with our friends from High School on Facebook. Congratulations!!!

Marie from Aibonito, Puerto Rico

December 06, 2008Calena Bush

I'm Greg's mom. I spoke to you about lessons for Greg's little brother, Ronny. Can you tell me how often, how long and what the price would be? Ronny is 12.

Thank you

November 22, 2008Luis "Tabaco" Diaz

Hola Jorge,

Como estas, mi hermano? Habia perdido tu e-mail cuando mi computadora se murio, but I am glad que tu no. Fantastico web site!!! Let me know of any projects you may be able to use my assistance, still got all my equipment and playing in the garage. Almost finish with my Masters Degree at Texas Tech... Cuidate mucho, que de los buenos quedamos pocos.

Un abrazo fraternal!!!

November 15, 2008Joe McCarthy


Thanks for the note about the Grammy. It was great to see you as well. Let's get together and play! Let me know if you have any projects in mind you may need a drumset player for. Would love to collaborate with you on something. Talk soon.


Joe McCarthy

November 11, 2008Roberto Serrano

Hola Jorge, como estas? Esta impresionante tu pagina, tocas increible, la verdad es un placer el haberte visto este pasado PASIC 2008. Espero que podamos seguir en contacto. Bendiciones...

November 02, 2008Hector L. Ginorio

Es un gozo saber que a los GINORIOS les gusta la musica. Dios te continue bendiciendo con ese talento. Soy cantante de musica sacra y soy de Ponce, Puerto Rico. Que Dios te continue bendiciendo.

Hector L. Ginorio

October 25, 2008Tamara Stuchlak

Hi Jorge,

I play Djembe in a trio that offers devotional group singing and your wonderful cousin Joe Ginorio is a friend who joins us in these spiritual experiences. Love the groove!!! I'll look forward to hearing you live in DC on your next visit.

September 20, 2008David "La Mole" Ortiz

Dios te Bendiga Jorge. Escucho tu musica muy buena. Estuve por Austin en Julio pasado y no habia entrado a tu site. Te envio mi direccion por si me quieres escribir.

September 18, 2008David Rosario "Jibaro"

Great to see your web site.

September 04, 2008Pedro Perez

Hola Jorge,

No sé si te acuerdes de mí, Pedro guitarrísta de Caguas. Estudié guitárra en El Poly para tu misma época. Me encontré a Angie Pagán en el Facebook y le pregunté por ustedes, luego te busqué en la internet. Qué bueno ver que estes bien y que sigas en la música. Dejame saber de tí cuando puedas...

Un abrazo!


August 18, 2008Jimmie Morales

Tremenda pagina y me alegra que estes bien.

August 16, 2008Amalec Ross

Hello Jorge,

I got your name and email from the Texas Drum Community website. I am interested in taking Conga lessons and know that your workshop is in Arlington. I look forward to hearing from you, I noticed that you are a native from Puerto Rico so are my parents. Have a great day!


Amalec Ross

August 07, 2008Curtis Stephan


Hope all is well! You may remember me from the Common Heart event @ Majestic Theater. Also I played in the One O’clock lab band back in 96-98. I’m in need of an expert percussionist for an event that is happening here at St. Ann in Coppell, Texas. I’d like to see if you would be interested in adding some spice to this event?


Curtis Stephan

July 17, 2008Marcela Myriam Lescano

Hello Jorge. I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found you while listening to Carl Tjader, who is one of my favorites vibraphone players. I decided to investigate through Youtube videos others possibilities and your name appeared as part of Trio Montuno. Want to congratulate you, by been the first video I saw on Youtube, Gallope. You are a very talented musician with great independence and plenty of Sabor!!! Congratulations one more time and wishing all the best for you...


Marcela M. Lescano

July 07, 2008Walter Arias

Saludo cordial, le escribo desde Colombia. Maestro cuando piensa venir por acá para tomar una clínica con usted? Mientras tanto dónde puedo encontrar sus tips y consejos?

May 31, 2008Joe Yost

Great site & great sounds...

May 23, 2008Anayansi Rodriguez

Hola Jorge, soy Anayansi Rodriguez de Panama, nos conocimos en la Universidad en Denton, Texas. Que gusto saber de ti atraves de esta página, y saber que has triunfado en lo que te gusta hacer. Mil bendiciones.

April 18, 2008Kelly LaBrie, Librarian Assistant, Euless Public Library

Good Afternoon,
I am quite interested in getting more information about your community outreach programs. Based on your site, having you perform for our patrons would make for a very educational and enjoyable experience here at the library. Any informational details that I could forward to our Library Administrator would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly LaBrie

March 25, 2008Sam

Greetings, Jorge, I hope all is well. I ran across your website by way of Drummers for Jesus. Wishing you all the best.

Sam Rodriguez

March 05, 2008Andrea Trujecque

Keep up the good work, my friend! Always bringing excellency to your presentations and gigs.

March 05, 2008Tony Valdez

Jorge, te felicito hermano...que buen website tienes. Lo estas haciendo todo bien. Keep it up.


March 05, 2008John Wasson

Hey man, the site is great! Nicely done. Hope you're well. If you'd like to play with my Strata Big Band again sometime, let me know!